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Floating Sectional Barge

Our floating sectional barge is comprised of five sections forming a 40'x40' working surface. There are two, 60' spuds, and two 12,000 lb Pullmaster H12 hydraulic winches. The winches can be sheave blocked to high capacity. 


2013 Peterbilt 367 Tractor with Hiab 160 Crane

To work along with the Peterbilt and crane we have a 53' tridem step-deck trailer which allows us to mobilize all of our equipment as well as haul docks, ramps and walkways to their final destination with ease. 



The Cat 336E excavator is used both on and off of the floating barge. The excavator has various attachment options including bucket with thumb, Vibro-Hammer pile driver, and a 22,000 lb hydraulic winch. 


Buckshot 26' Tug Boat

Our steel haul tug boat is primarily used to move the sectional barge around lakes and job sites. When required, the tug boat will also transport goods over water such as project materials.

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