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Cultus Lake - Chilliwack, BC

Cultus Lake Park was an unfortunate casualty of the November 2021 flooding and subsequent windstorm in the lower mainland and Queensboro was asked to replace their marine infrastructure which included a boat launch on Main Beach as well as the Main Beach Dock system and 12 recreational and 11 residential docks. 

Queensboro drove over 6000ft of pile pipe and premanufactured 67 dock  replacements at their shop in Scotch Creek, BC. They then trucked the dock system down and installed over the fall/winter months of 2022.

Hall Street Pier - Nelson, BC

Queensboro continues to assist the City of Nelson with their Hall Street Pier project, having assisted in the tear down of the pre-existing structure as well as provide pile driving for the up and coming project which began in the summer of 2022.  Queensboro is now involved in the second phase of this project, providing the specialty Floating Docks and Gangways, beginning in the Spring of 2023. Stay tuned for progress and completion photos as this project continues.

Shuswap Lake RV Park

Queensboro Marine Equipment built a brand new marina at Shuswap Lake RV park in Sorrento, BC. We utilized our aluminum framed docks and SunWalk decking to create a strong yet attractive marina. There now is 100 boat slips for the occupants of the RV park to secure their boats all summer long.

New Afton Mine - Kamloops, BC

Queensboro Marine was contracted by Acres Enterprises to construct underwater intake platforms for New Gold’s New Afton Mine freshwater Intake project.

Hidden Harbour - Campbell River, BC

Hidden Harbour marina in Campbell River, BC was built to accommodate 48 ocean boats within the protection of the harbour. Built with steel piles and our floating aluminum super-structure docks this marina is perfect for the clients needs. 

Outback Resort - Vernon, BC

After the breakwater project was left incomplete at the Outback Resort in Vernon, our team was contracted to execute the assembly and installation of the resort's breakwater. The concrete sections were fastened together with an external bracing system, towed to their location, and anchored using a Seaflex elastic mooring system.  

Johnson Lake - Barrier B.C.

Queensboro Marine was asked to replace multiple docks at the Johnson Lake Resort to accommodate tourism during the summer months. This beautiful lake is ideal for boating, swimming and recreation. The docks provide mooring for complimentary rowboats and pedal boats to enjoy as motorboats are not allowed. The lakes are cooler than many due to the spring fed water, however, swimming off the docks in both lakes is excellent in July and August. 


Mill Lake Park - Abbotsford, BC

Queensboro Marine was contracted to upgrade the existing wooden dock on Mill Lake in Abbotsford with our aluminum docks and walkways. This dock is primarily used for nature viewing and fishing and was specifically designed to accommodate these actives. The project was completed in May of 2022. Queensboro was pleased to have been able to be a part of such a terrific project of the city.

BC Parks & Trails

Queensboro Marine has a longstanding relationship with BC Parks and has installed many bridge systems in the Parks. These bridges provide safe water crossings for trail users and effective protection to the waterways below. We have also worked on several projects with BC Parks on buoy installations to provide navigation and safety markers within the province's lakes. 


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